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The Comedy of Errors

Boilermaker Have Made Us a Birthday Cocktail

18 July 18 words: Hannah Beresford

It may not be our 18th, but we’re celebrating with drinks anyway.
And what better place to do it than dahn the road, at Narnia for the modern adult: Boilermaker.

It’s no secret that the owners of Boilermaker are bleddy geniuses. With cocktails that’ll knock yer socks off (some of our favourites being the Bloody Jalmary, Pornstar Mankini, and the Strong Gindependent Woman), it’s no wonder that, in 2016, they were a finalist for Best Drinks Venue in the Notts Food and Drink Awards. They’ve become summat of a modern legend in Notts, with everyone and their Nan itching to get down and try ‘em out for themselves.

Going to Boilermaker is as much abaht the experience as it is about the drinks. First you head into the front: a mock boiler-room with a man behind the counter. Ask fer a table and you’re rushed into a broom closet, through the entrance to the best worst-kept secret in Notts. In what other bar can you get not only bleddy brilliant drinks (the Pornstar Mankini is served “exotic and unbalanced, badly underdressed with a gradually exposed bollock”, as said on their menu), but a crackin’ sense of humour and staff that treat you like their best mate? Order yourself a Gin Gardens of Versailles, served on a bed of roses, or a Meditation Libation, which the menu promises comes with “peace of mind”. Or, what we recommend, order a LeftLimon.

That’s right, to celebrate our fifteenth birthday, the lads and lasses over at Boilermaker have made us our very own LeftLion cocktail. Reyka Vodka, Limoncello, Cacao Blanc, rhubarb and cucumber, served straight up and garnished with a rambling Overheard in Notts. Best birthday gift ever.

So what better way to celebrate Notts cocktail week this September? Or, if you cannae wait that long, what better way to celebrate our fifteenth birthday than gerrin’ down to Boilermaker and ordering yourself one (or two, or three) LeftLimons? Gwarn, get yer gob on one of these.

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