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City Stylin' #3: So Fetch Edition

17 July 18 words: Anna Murphy
photos: Olivia Powell and Nicola Thorpe

We took to the streets to find a couple of mighty fine fashionistas, and ended up wi' a couple of doggos instead...

“I’m all about the finer things in life. Thanks to my healthy amount of Instagram followers – over 8,000 fans, dontcha know – I either get sent my bandanas from friends in the US, or my owner trawls through Etsy to find a lead or accessory that’s just right. I absolutely adore This Charming Hound, which is a business run by a lovely lady in Norfolk, or even Dapper Maximus Designs, run by Neve, a seventeen-year-old entrepreneur. Now she knows how to make a jaunty collar.

To be honest, I think us mutts have got the right idea compared to you two-legged folk. Dog style has gone back to how people used to buy clothes; homemade or from local seamstresses, all made to order and bespoke. The makers know you and message you with fabric you might like. We prefer our walks to be fast, not our fashion. Sure, it might not be the most selfless way to spend your coppers, but if you can look good and support the community, then what’s not to like?”

Bunty, 10 months old

“I’m mad, me. Never sit still. Always summat to bark at. I really love chattin’ back to the telleh but really me ultimate favourite pastime is biting the armpit of me mate, Scampy. He’s a labrador, but he’s alreet. I also quite like to lick the floor for a bit of variety.

Anyway, if you’re looking at me tongue... it’s a pug thing. We was bred too much and now lots of us have tongues that are too big for our gobs, which is why it’s pretty much always hangin’ aht.

I love my owners; I like to nick as much food as I can from them, and get kitted out in the best of wares, including this very jaunty little bandana. Or, as I like to call it, my slobber clobber!”

Frank, 8 years old

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