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Waterfront Festival

Under Cover Artist: Nicholas Wright

6 July 18

We grabbed a few words from July's cover and poster artist...

Tell us a bit about yourself...
I’m a multimedia artist. I do traditional stuff like pen and ink art, but at the same time I was part of a team that designed the look of a virtual-reality planet, which moved in time to whatever music we inputted. We mapped areas of the world onto custom-made projection surfaces. That was pretty fun. I also run an event called Wrong Pong, which is table tennis with angled tables, obstacles and anything that makes the game more difficult.

What was the inspiration behind this month’s cover and poster art?
I'm a bit obsessed with the throwaway society we live in, so I combined a selection of life’s paraphernalia into my own flight-of-fancy landscapes. I’m not trying to make too many direct references to the “environment” or “pop culture.” It’s there if you look deep enough.

The poster was hand-drawn with my current favourite pen and carbon ink. Yes, I have a favourite pen, and its name is Reg. Once the lines were drawn, I scanned it and reconstructed it on the computer. I then scanned in swatches of watercolour and used that to fill in areas for colour.

Tell us about some projects you’ve worked on in the past…
As well as working regionally on large community projects with the likes of City Arts Nottingham and some major blue chip clients, I’ve exhibited my work in Denmark, Holland and Germany. I’ve also curated large survey shows in the East Midlands art scene for a project called The Carnival of Monsters.

What do you think to Nottingham’s creative scene?
It’s a great place to have a studio and has a good scene, but it does tend to be a little biased towards artists from London. As much as I like cultural exchange, it would be good if one of the bigger galleries did a survey show of the Nottingham scene. I think it’s long overdue.

What do you have planned for the future?
More shows at my studios that include work from myself and a few other artists I'm working with. I realise this sounds weird, but I want to find a show in London; I think I need to expand my audience a little. Also, I really want to do some larger paintings on canvas.

Nicholas Wright’s Piles and Piles exhibition is showing at the Hooten Street Project from Friday 13 - Friday 20 July

Nicholas Wright website

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