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Noshingham: The Avenues Cafe

18 July 18 words: Eve Smallman

We visited the Sneinton mainstay to give their vegan breakfast the once over... 

Word on the street is that The Avenues Cafe in Sneinton do a crackin’ vegan breakfast, so I had to check it out.

There were only a few boggers sat down when I arrived. The place had a cosy vibe; everyone had mugs of tea and whacking great plates in front of them. And that’s just what I was after.

The vegan breakfast comes with an almighty three hashbrowns, three veggie sausages, beans, tomatoes, bubble and squeak, fried bread, toast and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, not the last part – it’s vegan – but it has all of that and the choice of tea, coffee, orange or apple juice for £4.50. Wowsers trousers, right?

I went up to order, and an older lady peered out from the kitchen door. Once she realised I wasn’t just lollygaggin’, she begrudgingly took my order. She also offered plantains with the brekkie, and I thought I might as well.

About half an hour later, another lady with blonde bushy hair brought me my plate. She apologised for the wait, saying she weren’t supposed to be in today, and proceeded to fuss over making sure I had sauces and a drink. Just like ‘om.

Bubble and squeak takes me back to my childhood, so I was all over that. You can tell the difference when a place just reheats food, and The Avenues Cafe clearly cooked it all fresh. The plantain was worth the gamble as well. Call me bananas, but it belongs on every breakfast. The whole thing was just bleddy gorgeous.

If you’re into big portions but have a small wallet, this is the place to go if you have a morning to kill. The hangover cure is well worth hanging abaht for.

The Avenues Cafe, 13 Gedling Street, NG1 1DS. 0115 837 3360

The Avenues Cafe website

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