TRCH Classic Thriller Season

Nottingham's Dengest Catto and Most Boofin' Doggo Awards

4 July 18

Welcome to the thiccest pet competition in all of Hoodtown...

illustration: Craig Humpston

We were inundated with your pictures of smol pupperinos and silly cades, so we had to whittle it down to fit the floofers on the page. Commiserations to anyone who didn’t make it; the competition was tough, and we don’t doubt for a second that you are all good boys and girls. The bestest. Better luck next time.

The winning doggo will bag themsens a handmade collar, harness and lead set from our mates at Wiff Waff Designs down Sneinton Market, and the winning kitter will get to enjoy a £50 voucher from Alex MacNaughton, the mega-talented pet portrait artist, who’ll knock up a piece for your living room wall.



Stay tuned for further updates


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