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Tommy K on the Side: Sea Fish

11 July 18 words: Tommy K.

Our condiment connoisseur is bringing the sauce to you, and this time he's made his way to Sea Fish...

Sea Fish

Ayup, ya saucy gets!

For centuries, mankind has copied nature’s best engineering. Plane wings are curved at the tip to mimic an eagle’s; wind turbines are modelled on a whale’s fin; and sonar technology was inspired by bats. In 2018, we’ve topped the bleddy lot. Behold: the sauce udder.

Inspired by a humble cow’s udder, Sea Fish on Derby Road have installed a sauce delivery system to mek yer jaw drop. The chef squeezes a plastic teat and tomato sauce is delivered by gravity onto your chips at 1000mph. Probably. Humble written words will never suffice. You’ve got to see it in action, it’s bleedin’ marvellous.

The chips were cooked to perfection too: crispy round the edges and fluffy int’ middle. All the classic options are available but the menu goes beyond the usual fayre. The grilled halloumi here is to die for, and comes with a crisp, cute side salad to boot. Whether you’re comin’ in or aht of QMC, a student looking for an affordable chippie tea, or a Lenton local who loves fresh, sustainable fish, there’s no udder place to go than Sea Fish!

Yours, with condiments,

Tommy K