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7 Places To Go in Notts On A Budget

11 July 18 words: Hannah Beresford

If you want a bangin' summer without having to take out a second mortgage, we've got you covered...

Highfields Park

With all the freakishly good weather we’ve been having, it’d be a waste not to visit Highfields. Hire a boat (or a paddleboard, if you’re feeling adventurous) for just a few quid, and waste away an hour on the lake. If you don’t bring a picnic, grab a bite to eat at the Pavilion Café for some boffin’ cakes (screw getting that summer body, amiright?).

Savoy Cinema

Savoy might sometimes be overshadowed by its big brother, Showcase, but I promise you, it’s worth a visit. With student tickets costing only £4.85 each and adults coming in at £6.60, it’s the perfect place for the inevitable rainy English days. Add this to the fact it’s only a twenty minute walk from town centre, and why the hell are you still sitting at home waiting for Netflix to buffer?


Three words everyone on a budget dreads: “Let’s grab dinner!” The words mean a night of only drinking tap water, turning down dessert, and still cringing when it comes to the bill at the end. Tuesdays at Faradays mean 2 for 1 burgers (the proper ones: oozing flavour, cheese, and a number of calories that I don’t ever wanna check), and on Thursdays, 2 for 1 pizzas. Wash it all down with two bottles of craft ale for a fiver and you still won’t be breaking the bank.

Market Square

By this point anyone who’s lived in Notts, and not under a rock, has seen Market Square when summats been happenin’. If you can resist the flashing of fairground rides and the temptation of candyfloss, Nottingham Beach is a great free day out, sitting on the deck chairs and tryna pretend you’re on yer hols. Go for a paddle in the fountains when you wanna cool off; it’s not quite the sea, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a trip to Spain.


You don’t have to go down to Skeggy for the 2p slot machines. Here we have our very own, as well as a whole arcade to spend a couple of hours at. If gambling ain’t your cuppa, there’s pool tables for only £1.50 a game. It's a great way to spend anything up to an hour, and there’s a bar to keep you fed and watered while you play. Just mek sure the ball ends up in the hole rather than on the floor.

Rescue Rooms

Discover some crackin’ Notts talent at the Rescue Rooms, and you don’t even have to sell a kidney to pay for it. With performers like Lacey charging £8.80 a ticket, and Kagoule only £11, the intimate venue’s one of our faves for a cheap night out.

Nottingham Contemporary

Free entry already makes this place a winner in our books. Check out the work of artists like Pia Camil and Trix & Robert Haussmann in bleddy amazing exhibits, or just have a mooch around the gift shop for items as cool and wacky as the gallery itself.

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