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Nottingham Castle

5 Grilled Cheese Gaffs in Nottingham

21 June 18 words: Chloe Underwood

Where would we brie without cheese in our lives, eh? It's especially great when you stuff it between two slices of bread and grill it for all it's worth. Here are the top places in Nottingham to get yerself a right cheesy bogger of a sarneh...


This hipster gaff is one of the best places in Nottingham to bag one of those cheesy delights. With half of the main menu dedicated to grilled cheeses - savoury and sweet - their selection is off-the-charts delicious. All their sandwiches are named after celebs, mixed in with a fun cheesy pun that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The Cheesy Harrelson, Brieyoncé and the Drew Berrymore are absolutely incredible. Do not miss. 

Another place who dedicates their menu to the good stuff is Tier, a restaurant and bar located on Pelham Street. They serve a large range of sandwiches and even offer a gourmet selection. Ooo-er, there’s too many good'uns to count. From fish finger business, to BBQ pulled pork, and mac 'n' cheese and pesto, roasted pepper and tomato, the choice is endless. Priced between £4.50 and £7, they're a steal.

A cocktail accompanied by a grilled cheese? You gouda brie kidding. However, we ain't kidding when we say that the Mojo triple cheese is incredible. It’s a gooey grilled-cheese sandwich with jack, swiss and blue, and if you’re feeling crazy, pair it up with one of their sides too. Pro tip: the garlic fries are to die for. Plus, this bar has a proper atmosphere and some crazy cool neon signs.

This place is the crème de la crème when it comes to curbing that milkshake craving here in Notts. However, the Cookieshake Café is also home to grilled cheeses made on hand-carved bloomer bread. This place also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their names, which consist of pop culture references, mixed in with some cheesy puns. The Mac Daddy is filled with mac 'n' cheese, and The Gianfrancro is loaded with mozzeralla, pesto and fresh tomato. Sounds like a cheesy dream.

Meltworks (at Nottingham Street Food Club)
Whenever these lot are hanging around the Street Food Club, we make sure not to miss 'em. They use an award-winning wood-fired sour-dough bread and three crazy tasty cheeses, combining them with their homemade fillings to bring you the Ultimate Grilled Cheese.

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