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Affordable Football For Kids in Nottingham

11 June 18 words: Gemma Fenyn
photos: James Marvin and The Renewal Trust

We think football should be for everyone, not just overpaid prima donnas. That’s why we were well excited to hear about The Renewal Trust’s new Footie Starz programme in St Ann’s...

The World Cup kicks off in a month and it’s already starting to get a bit barmy. If you find yourself being pestered by football-crazy kids, Hungerhill Road’s Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre might be able to offer you a helping hand with your active nipper. The project caters for kids up to the age of twelve, and is open to any stage of ability; from absolute beginners to more experienced players.

The long-term aim of the project is to give talented kids a way to progress into professional football which builds on the centre’s already impressive track record. “Over thirty young people from Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre have gone on to play with professional academies at Nottingham Forest and Notts County football clubs,” says Jonathan Morley, the centre’s Sports Strategy Director.

At just £3 a session, it’s also a pretty affordable way to get the sprogs off the sofa and running about. Inclusivity is an important part of the scheme, as Jonathan says: “We believe that all children deserve the chance to try out as many sports as possible.” And he’s keen to point out the added bonus of getting kids active from a young age: “Sessions will give children a great head start when it comes to getting their recommended sixty minutes of physical activity each day.”

Headed up by qualified, experienced FA coaches, Footie Starz promotes healthy habits as well as offering the opportunity to develop technique and participate in games or mini matches. “Sports help children develop a whole range of skills,” says Jonathan. “There’s motor skills, as well as social and life skills, like being able to listen and work as part of a team.”

From the moment your toddler can ransack the living room, up until the age of five, they’ll be eligible for the 45-minute, long-entry sessions, and have their first taste of the beautiful game while developing their balance, coordination and social skills. Older children can join the hour-long class, where they build on these foundations and potentially work on progressing to a professional level.

Jonathan is keen to stress what a positive environment they’ve fostered at the centre: “We provide a fantastic, welcoming environment to excite and encourage children as they take their first step on their football pathway.”

And if football isn’t for you, there are loads of other sports going on around the city this summer. The Renewal Trust offers a host of activities at the centre, including tennis, archery, cycling and even wrestling.

The World Cup 2018 starts on Thursday 14 June.

To find out more about Footie Starz, or other sports at Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre, visit their website, call 0115 911 2226 or email [email protected]

Renewal Trust website 

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