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Art Works: Jasmin Issaka

25 June 18 words: Jasmin Issaka

The local artist on her love of chaos...


My work is all my favourite things: experimental mixed media, visual texture, patterns, colours, and squiggly-contour line drawings. Someone once described my style as ‘’Psychedelic cartoons, intensely blended with vibrant rainbows.’’ I think that sums it up.

In the beginning, perfect straight lines meant everything to me. Now I embrace chaos with my unruly pen. I create an outline with Indian ink, scan it onto my mac, then clean up with Photoshop and Illustrator. I then apply patterns, textures and colours, usually pre-made by capturing pavements, walls, paper, textiles, liquids, oils, paint being squished together, and so on.

Broadfest was inspired by the colours and energy of the festival. I wanted to capture the spirit of the moment, and this became the start of Nottingham in Colours; my illustration series capturing locations around the city. I’m selling them as prints and cards now.

I originally came to the city to study graphic design. My years at Trent consisted of me scrambling around researching whatever I could. At one point I was baking paint and freezing ink; sometimes I wonder how I made it through uni. I couldn't decide what to focus on, so tried as many techniques as I could. It was a bit hit and miss.

Currently I work part-time and as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, with the aim of going full-time. Right now, I'm enjoying experimenting and advancing my visual style, taking on commissions, and selling prints of my illustrations.

I'm also part of the SHEAfriq collective: a group of talented and creative women of African heritage based in Nottingham who collaborate to share skills, ideas and set up events to promote our creativity.

I would love to turn my illustrations into animations. I’d also like to create murals, to see the rich visuals work within an environment.

Jasmin’s cards can be found at the Nottingham Tourist Center and Robin Hood Experience.

Jasmin Issaka website

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