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City Stylin' #2

28 June 18 interview: Emily Thursfield
photos: Georgi Scurfield

We took to the streets to find a couple of mighty fine fashionistas...

“When it comes to buying clothes, I’m a bit of a hunter. I get a lot of my stuff through my shop, The Hip Store, where I love labels like Armor Lux and Patta, but if I can’t get it locally, I’ll find it online. I’m really into Scandinavian minimalism, I feel like they’ve got it right. I don’t like to wear branding and at the moment, especially round the Hockley part of town, everything is very slim fitting, with lads wearing skinny jeans. My style? The baggier the better.


I think what you wear does represent a part of who you are; you feel better when you take the time to put on a good outfit. It’s confidence in expression. My motto is ‘There’s always gonna be another day.’ In modern society, a lot of people in my age group care too much about stuff that doesn’t matter. We’ve lost the value of things. We should just count our blessings in this crazy world.”

Max Loelz, Musician

“I want to showcase individuality. My hair’s been every colour under the sun; I started out with purple, then pink, then I found this blue and loved it. I get lots of comments about it, which I like, but it annoys my husband when people stop their cars and shout out to me. As a female manager working in the retail industry, it’s important that I show that I care about grooming, especially when you work in a male-dominated world.


My life mantra is to support other women. I’ve got a three-year-old daughter and I worry about females in this society. Since having my daughter, I’ve been trying to make sure the world’s a better place for her, more so than ever. Female empowerment is really important, so I do quite a lot through my work to encourage that. When you’ve got a female management team, it’s important to show that you’re working together rather than against each other, where it can become quite competitive. It’s just about trying to create a support network.”

Beth Tufnell, Retail Manager

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