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5 Places to Slurp on an Iced Drink in Nottingham

20 June 18 words: Eve Smallman

On a roastin’ ott day when you’re abaht town, you need summat to cool you down...

The Specialty Coffee Shop

No one makes coffee quite as tasty as the Italians. Lucky for us Nottingham folk, we have an Italian couple that set up shop right in the city centre. Having been crowned Nottingham Best Independent in 2017, you can trust them with all your caffeine needs. Their espresso tonic is summat out the ordinary, and is a lush kick up the bum if your eyes are droopin’. Bellissimo!


Tucked away in a corner just off Trinity Square, Cookieshake Cafe is where you should head if yer craving summat sweet and creative. With over 200 flavours of milkshake, the sky ain’t your limit with these bad boys. Jaffa Cake, Jammy Dodger, Kinder… Are you clammin’ to try one? Slurp it up whilst challenging your mates on the old school Mario Kart; victory will never have tasted as sweet.  

Cafe Coco Tang

D’ya fancy escaping from the city centre to a tropical paradise? Aye, you might be too broke to ship yersen off to Vietnam, but Cafe Coco Tang brings Vietnam to you. Their oriental style food is scrummy, but their iced juices or iced coffee will sort you out on a warm day. Their beans are roasted on site, and you can even catch the machine whirrin’ away on occasion. Try one of their frappes, like the banana and caramel - them coffee chains can’t even scratch the amount of flavour packed into one of these.


The Pudding Pantry

There's a freakshake, and then there is a freakin' freakshake. The Pudding Pantry know how to serve up the ultimate sugar rush. They've got salted caramel brownie with marshmallow pieces for all you choccie lovers, or eton messy with crunchy meringue for those of you feelin' a bit fruity. If you don't think you can 'andle alla that, there are smaller milkshakes, or even adult milkshakes such as Baileys and vanilla and Frangelico and chocolate. Sold yet? We are. 

Bird and Blend Co

These likkle ducks are based just off Lace Market, and are your one stop for tea-infused cold drinks. They have an absolutely stunnin’ range of loose-leaf teas that you can take home in a pouch, but they also deliver for when you’re wanting a tea on the go. If summat with a bit of fizzle tickles your fancy, try their colour-changing Unicorn Fizz. Or if strawberries and cream sounds like a summery dream, their Iced Eton Mess is the one for you. When a milkshake is a tad too sweet, and a coffee is too bleddy strong, these iced teas are grand.


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