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Make Your Cake and Eat It with Sherwood Textile Workshop

14 June 18 words: Anna Marshall

Do you know your ganache from your mirror glaze, your Battenburg from your Victoria sponge, your macarons from your macaroons?

You have the opportunity to learn about all these things and more at the Sherwood Textile Workshop's cake decorating classes, and maybe give dear owd Mary Berry and run for her money.  If you already fancy yoursen as being a sugar crafter extraordinaire or are looking to cast your first sprinkles in the kitchen, then these classes have something to offer everyone.

Although they’ve been running for the last 2 years, the folk at the workshop are just looking to spread (gerrit?) the word. ''The workshop was originally set up for those wanting to learn how to sew but is now offering culinary arts as well,’’ says teacher Coral.

Some people take the class so they can learn how to make their own, unique wedding cake, whereas others might want to start selling their baked goods, or are just looking to meet new people and learn new skills.

One student said: ‘’We all have so much fun, there is a lovely sense of community among us and when lots of women get together the humour can get quite saucy,’’ she joked.  

However, having met the ladies in the class I can vouch that they are neither frosty nor brittle and would not crumble at the sight of a man.  They are hoping more men come along and learn how to whip up a delight or two.

If your interested in taking a class then contact Karen Taylor (owner/manager/toilet cleaner/general dogsbody) on: 07809158606,

The Textile Workshop, 581a Mansfield Road, Sherwood, NG5 2JN