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Ollie Green Quintet on Their Dream Performance Locations and Collaborators

14 June 18 interview: Rachael Halaburda

Meet a professional Jazz Quintet from Nottingham, a group of young talented musicians that’ll have you dazzled with their impressive tunes and funky beats…

Please introduce yourselves...
Ollie: I’m Ollie Green, the main man, on saxophone.
Ollie L: Ollie Latham and I play the trumpet.
Filip: Filip Trenkic, on keyboard.
Ollie: Sadly two members couldn’t be with us today; Barney and Joe on bass and drums respectively, ‘The Macarena brothers’.

Tell us about the group...
Ollie: We are a professional quintet from Nottingham, we play jazz, funk and lounge music; but the focus is on the jazz.

You formed at the end of 2017. What gave you the idea to it?
Ollie: We are all part of the Nottingham Youth Jazz Orchestra, so that’s how we all know each other, but I got a little old for that. I’m on my gap year right now and I really liked the idea of carrying on with that. We all really like jazz and that’s why we formed.

So you’re all from Nottingham?
Ollie: Yes, all from Nottingham born and raised.

Ollie Green - could you tell us about your own personal music journey?
Ollie:  It’s all been a bit of a rollercoaster. When I was nine, we moved to Mapperley Park in Nottingham and my neighbour was a professional music teacher. I started throwing apples at his fence and that’s how we first met. I used to play with his kids, Jake and Sophie, they were really cool.  Then I started clarinet lessons with my neighbour and it all went from there.

I understand you’ve been given an unconditional offer to study music at university?
Ollie: I’ve been offered two. I’m very grateful.

Am I right in saying that you played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
Ollie: Yes, four times. It’s an incredible experience and there’s such a wide range of talented people there. I would recommend it to anyone who is offered the opportunity.

Where did you get your love of music?
Ollie L: From the love of playing - playing is not just for practising; it’s the performing we like, especially at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Filip: My sister started playing and performing and that gave me the original inspiration. As well as Miles Davis, he is on a whole new level.
Ollie: Probably my music teacher, Nigel Hinson.

Do you have a dream performance location?
Filip: Right in the middle of the Market Square.
Ollie: My ex-girlfriend’s mum’s birthday party or the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Is there anyone you would consider collaborating with?
Ollie: We have already collaborated with Sam Mellor. Sam’s great, he’s very cool, he’s a singer – he sang some Christmas songs with us.
Filip: He’s really chilled and friendly, he also did some Stevie Wonder songs. You’ve got to love that.
Ollie: I’d like to see Mozart’s face every time Barney slaps a bass.

What are your plans for the future?
Ollie: We just want to get as far as we can. Initially it didn’t start out as a source of income; I just wanted to jam with my mates. We sounded pretty good and thought we should try and get some gigs.  I’m not too sure where the future will lead us, but hopefully in a good direction.

Where can people find you if they are interested in contacting you?
Ollie:  I’ve got a website or checkout my Facebook page The Ollie Green Quintet.

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