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#TheLionHunt: We've buried treasure somewhere in Notts...

29 June 18

Crack out yer compass for this swashbucklin' treasure hunt... 

Ahoy matehs!

Our July issue, released on Friday 29 June, includes a mighty fine treasure map which leads to a booty of prizes from local independents.

The outlined trail on page 16, illustrated by Leosaysays, points to several places dotted abaht Nottingham City Centre.

Each point on the map holds a riddle to scratch yer noggin’, which will lead to the next location. No cheatin’ though, as you must find all the letters included on the riddles in order to make up the codeword.

Once you’ve done all of that, exchange the codeword for a shovel at the final place, and dig up the bleddy treasure.


Prizes include vinyls from Plates Records, Dukki treats, Leftlion goodies, plus much more. There’s also vouchers for loads of places in the centre, including DoughNotts and Oscar & Rosie’s.

Our Editor Bridie, says: “Shiver me timbers! I wonder which hearty, seafaring bogger in the city is gonna get their paws on the booty.

“We’d like to thank everyone who’s donated prizes to our treasure chest, and hope everyone has fun following the trail – even if they arrrr too late to claim the prize.

“Who knows – there might be some fun to get stuck into at the X spot, any road!”

There can only be one swashbucklin’ winner, so get off yer bums and start searchin’.

We’re using the hashtag #TheLionHunt, so tag us in yer snaps!

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