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Tommy K on the Side: Fox and Grapes

15 June 18 words: Tommy K

Our condiment connoisseur is bringing the sauce to you...

Fox and Grapes

Not only do this friendly team serve great beer, they’ll bang together a pizza and whack it in the oven for you, too. There’s meat, veggie and vegan options aplenty, so grab yersen a pint, some sauces and take a pew.

Some feel the delicacy of authentic pizza would be compromised by additional sauce. If that’s your scene, please enjoy another fine LeftLion article. This one’s strictly for the red-stuff enthusiasts, duckeh!

If you’re still with me, you’ll agree that quality dough-based discs are elevated by a fine relish. Mr Domino knows it and Tommy K knows it, too. The sauce at the Fox & Grapes is proper Notts: locally crafted by Lacehouse Kitchen Ltd. They won a 2017 Great Taste Award for their “Sauce Shop” range and they campaign for #realsauce with no thickeners, no stabilisers and no added water. We’re talking saucy… #realsaucy

The “K” is rich and tangy. Garlic, onion and brown sugar accentuate bags of juicy, even smokey, tomato goodness. These scientists have only gone and put bleddy red grape vinegar in the mix an’all, so expect a sophisticated, rounded palate, with fruity sweetness and a mellow tang to keep everything in balance.

All finished off with a lovely swig from behind the bar, there’s little fault to take here. Be sure to dip in, youth.

Yours, with condiments,

Tommy K