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YouCaxton Are Looking For Photographs of Nottinghamshire Women from 1840-2000

19 June 18 words: Chloe Underwood

Have a dig through your cupboards and those dusty photo albums for the feisty women in your family.

Image courtesy of Arnold History Group

Nottinghamshire women are to be the subject of a new book of photographs by local historian Val Wood, which is set to be published later this year. The hardback book will showcase a selection of historical images of the county’s women dating from 1840 to the Millennium, along with their stories of life, work and love.

Publishers YouCaxton are looking for more pictures and are asking Notts families to submit any interesting photographs you may have lurking up in those dusty attics of yours.

The book will portray women of the city and wider county in a variety of different settings with noteworthy stories that are bound to put a smile on your face.

Val Wood, who has initiated various community-based history projects about women in Nottinghamshire and was a co-founder of the Nottingham’s Women’s History group, has also written and researched books on the subject.

Image: Image courtesy of Arnold History Group

“We would like the book to portray women of the city and wider county in all sorts of different settings and we know that there are many images hidden away which are worthy of inclusion, so we are asking people to check out their personal photo collections for great pictures of women from this period who might have noteworthy stories,” says Val.

Nottinghamshire women have a reputation for financial and social independence that reaches back hundreds of years, starting with employers like Raleigh, who allowed women to work when it wasn’t the norm.

So let’s celebrate those strong and incredible women Nottingham is known for, because they bleddy-well deserve it.

If you have some pictures lying around of the interesting Nottingham women from 1840 to 2000, then be sure to send them in by Tuesday 31 July 2018 to the Women of Nottingham website

Any photographs that make the final edit will be fully credited in the book and their owners will be invited to meet fellow contributors at the book’s Nottingham launch and exhibition.

Women of Nottingham website 

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