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How to Choose a Charity You Can Trust

22 March 18 words: Nina Dauban

It's important to know yer not being fobbed off...

Has the Oxfam scandal caused you to think twice about parting with your hard-earned cash to seemingly worthy causes?

Nina Dauban, CEO of the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation – a charity who give advice to locals on their charitable giving – suggests doing a spot of research before handing over the goods. While it feels good to give, it’s important to understand its real worth.

For example, does your chosen charity have millions in reserve? Do they actually need the money? Nina stresses that you should also take a look at what they spend on fundraising and marketing: does at least 60% of donations actually get spent on charitable activity? What are their safeguarding policies and practices? “You are at liberty to ask them for a copy of that information” she says.

If you want to make sure one hundred percent of your donation goes to real charity work, then you should turn your attention to small local charities with an income of less than £500,000 per annum. Working on behalf of the voluntary sector, the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation wants us all to think locally and give locally. That way, you can guarantee the charity actually needs the money, because you can visit them and check them out for yourself.

61% of us gave to charity last year, according to the National Philanthropic Trust, and Nina wants to see Nottingham people support Nottingham causes. “We need to pull together here and ensure those day care centres, food banks, self-help groups and hostels stay open and support those less fortunate than ourselves in our local communities.”

If you want free advice about giving to local charities, or setting up your own charitable fund or legacy, please speak to Nottinghamshire Community Foundation on 01623 620202, email [email protected], or visit their website.

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