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The Comedy of Errors

LeftLion Magazine #99

1 March 18 words: LeftLion

With Ladbaby, Charity Shop Sue, Toys AndMe, Bru-C, Martyn Poliakoff, Lamar Francois, Chris Underwood, A Cinema Attendant in Notts, Steve Underwood and more...

What Notts
A rundown of Notts news, plus a dose of Ayup Duck, courtesy of Rikki Marr

Overheard in Notts
Big Baby’s been out, waiting for your lot to say summat daft. He didn’t have to wait long

Hey Lamar, Lamar
After winning the Young Creative Awards in 2012, there’s been no stopping this local photographer

Developing Talent
The Photo Parlour are keeping film photography alive, so our Art Editor went to check it out

Capturing Imaginations
Chris “Faceiro” Underwood, snapped a portrait-a-day for a whole year. We asked what’s up

A Cinema Attendant in Notts
Ever wondered what the lads and ladies who serve your popcorn think about your film choice?

All Over The Shop
Bulwell lass, Charity Shop Sue, has hit the big time with her show on Sky Arts. She popped in for a natter about it all

Viral Infection
From LadBaby to Toys AndMe, Nottingham’s YouTube stars are smashing it on the small screens            

Martyn Poliakoff
The chemist and research professor at University of Nottingham talks about his mad-popular YouTube channel

Our cover artist has treated you to a rather delightful poster to pop on your wall for all to see

Art Works
A bit more from our cover artist, Keith Bloody Mary, as well as local illustrator Siddharth Varma

The War Path
Theatre duo, Zoo Indigo, have been retracing European immigration paths as research for their play

Magic Words
A look at Riding on Soloman’s Carpet; the poetry anthology by refugees living in the East Midlands

Write Lion
Our City of Literature book review competition winners are revealed, among a plethora of local scribblings

NCT Soundsystem
Bus driver turned record label kingpin, Steve Underwood talks the success of Sleaford Mods and Harbinger Sound

Music Reviews
Tabs at the ready, folks. There’s plenty of top Notts tunes to devour on these here pages

Pick of the Month
There’s no time like the present to run around the city with your hand up a puppet’s arse

Events Listings
Loads of bits and bobs cracking off this month. Plus Nusic Box, RideWise Cycling and Sue Ryder

End Page
With Rocky Horrorscopes, Art Hole, and LeftLion Abroad

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