TRCH Classic Thriller Season

What's on the LeftLion Stereo? Bru-C, Lone, New Apostles and more...

30 March 18 words: Paul Klotschkow

Plug your headphones in and tune out for a hot sec...

Dacodac - Ruskin

New band on the NG block, this fuzzy and breezy indie-rock has us wanting to hear more.

Lone - Hyper Seconds

Hypnotic house that giddily glides along before hitting the listener for a sucker punch in the final third, taken from the third volume of the producer’s Ambivert Tools series.

Bru-C feat. Skepsis & Darkzy - Affiliation

This late-night, dirty-bass rager comes on harder than Jean Claude Van Damme on ‘roids.

These Your Children - Get Up and Go

Lusty, soulful pop shaken out of its slumber by some gloriously soaring vocal harmonies.

Magic Mountain - It’s Over

Wouldn’t have been out of place on a mid-eighties Top of the Pops episode, with deadly serious mullets swaying in the dry ice.

Re Teu - Unknown (Part of Me)

Widescreen and autumnal, this is a melancholic stroll over gentle acoustic guitars and whispered vocals.

New Apostles - New Soul in Heaven

Swampy blues jam that’s a bit The-Doors-going-nineties-britpop.

Joseph Knight - I Found (Amber Run cover)

A tip of the hat from one local artist to another, stripping the song down to piano and vocals.