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RideWise Cycling Wanna Get You Moving

8 March 18 words: LeftLion

C'mon, Notts. Backsides off the sofa and into the saddle...

As we start to leave the cold nights behind us and enter spring, RideWise are encouraging us to lay off the gas-guzzlers and get riding two-wheelers instead. With an aim of giving Hoodtown folk the knowledge, training and opportunity to ride their bikes, they’ve announced the opening of four Cycle Centre venues, designed to give inexperienced riders more confidence and promote cycling in and around Notts. Close to all the main city cycling corridors, the centres can be found in Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, Lenton Abbey Park, King Edward’s Park in Sneinton and Bulwell Forest Recreation Ground. Between March and October, each hub will be offering a programme of events, including short community guided rides, cycle classes and maintenance sessions with Dr Bike, to ensure you’re safe for the roads. All events will be free for Nottingham city residents, so there’s really nothing to lose. Dust off yer pushbike, and gerronnit.

RideWise Cycling website

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