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The Comedy of Errors

City Stylin' #1

15 May 18 interview: Anna Murphy
photos: Carla Mundy

Our Fashion Editor, Anna Murphy, took to the streets to find a couple of mighty fine fashionistas...

“When I was about two years old, we went to see the panto and I was one of the kids called up on stage. I remember looking up at the actor and saying, ‘Do you like my dress? It’s got bells on!’ I was so proud. It was a dress to show off about. I guess I’ve always liked that ‘something extra’ or a twist of the unexpected.

One of my favourite things about being an actor is adapting to the character, and that’s what I’ve done throughout my life: I needed to act like an adult, so I dressed like an adult. I needed to act like a mum, so I dressed like a mum. A lot of us lose ourselves in what we’re doing – especially parenthood – but I think it’s important to find that balance between who you are and what you need to be.

When I was younger, I cared more about what the rest of my friends were doing, but these days I try to carry a sense of identity through the different roles I play. I like to think: ‘You don’t know the whole of me, I’ve got bells under my dress!’” – Olivia Newton

“Going back to when I was playing football for Notts County’s Youth Team, I always had my superstitions; I’d eat scrambled eggs on toast before a game, otherwise I thought I wouldn’t play as well. To me, crystals are the same; I just feel like life goes more smoothly when I’m wearing them.

I’m never without my labradorite bracelet; it’s a ‘game-changing’ crystal, so it helps you to think optimistically and be successful. I always make sure I’m wearing it to work, it makes a big impact. That, and good people, help me to find positive energy.

I don’t believe that style is for men or for women, it’s about wearing and doing what makes you feel good. It’s personal. I think it’s important to look unique, but over the years I’ve started to dress more simply; black or white t-shirts, maybe with some jewellery. Nottingham is evolving; men are accepting the fact that things seen as ‘feminine’ in the past actually feel good to them. When my friend came to me with a business proposition for a men’s crystal jewellery company, I jumped at the chance and we’ve never looked back.” – Travis Morgan

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