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Left Hand Lane: Noise From The Next Generation 'Audience Winners'

5 May 18 interview: Paul Klotschkow

Noise From The Next Generation is an annual music competition organised by Nottingham Music Service to offer young musicians the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. The joint winners of the Audience Award at this year's competition answer some of our questions...

Hello, how did you all meet and how long have you been a band for?
I met Jimbo at school in Year 7 and we didn’t really get on until about Year 9 when I started showing an interest to playing music, as he was like the music man of our school. He met Bobbi through music school and we was looking for a new drummer and he suggested him to stand in for a gig, and we were just amazed by his talent.

For people reading this who may not have heard of you before, how would you describe your sound?
Our sound is very different to things you'd hear around as we love to switch up songs halfway through and just completely catch people off guard. We're heavily influenced by indie rock like the Arctic monkeys but we change genre in quite a few songs with heavy influences from many different artists from Bob Marley to Green Day.

Congratulations on winning the Audience Prize at the Noise From The Next Generation competition - what made you decide to enter?
Jimbo and Bobbi knew about it because they played in it before when they were younger in a band together and we thought why not if it gets us a few gigs and a bit of exposure. 

The final took place at Rock City. What was it like having the opportunity to perform there and had you been to Rock City before?
I've been to Rock City a few times - saw Neck Deep there sort of twice as the first show got cancelled half way through due to a fight. The most recent time me and Jimbo attended Beat The Streets, that was also the day I met our new guitarist George. 

What were the other entrants like?
The other enterants were great, really great bunch of lads all just enjoying playing music and they all played really well.

What have been your favourite gigs to play so far and why?
Favourite gigs for me are really any, I don't really mind too much, but it's great when the audience get involved and have a good time.

How can we find out more about the band?
You can find out more about us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

What other music coming out of Nottingham at the moment would you recommend?
The best local music that I've personally seen is probably a band called Unknown Era, saw them play at Rock City and really enjoyed their set; they made sure everyone had a good time and they looked like they had a good time too. They have some great tunes.

What would you say to any acts reading this who are thinking about entering the Noise From The Next Generation competition next year?
I'd say to people entering the competition to just enjoy it and don't worry about what people think of you or anything - just enjoy yourself and experience performing live on stage, and benefit from the opportunity.

Finally, what is next for the band?
Next for the band, we plan to record an EP in the next year or so and just gig more regularly. 

Nottingham Music Service organises Noise from the Next Generation, a music competition for young people in Nottingham city, in collaboration with Young Creative Awards. Further information is available on the Nottingham Music Hub website.

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