Rocky Horror Show

Snap Notts: Alfreton Road

4 May 18 words: Bridie Squires
photos: Natalie Owen

Every month, we'll be giving you the latest installment of Snap Notts - the series that sees a bunch of photographers and poets divvied up into pairs and given a location to create work around. First up, Alfreton Road... 

Neck-snapped pigeon, raw
beak pouring out peace in death
alone on concrete.

Firefly streetlights wake.
Street drink? Fine. Seventy quid.
Tesco car park SCAM.

Outside smells of fish and change.
Look after yourself.

Kemet FM, Tops:
get it fresh, get it hot.
Late convenience.

Gav <3s Lou: phonebox
declaration scribed in blue.
Mark of rebel hold.

Wigs and shoes for sale
LEDs shout WE OPEN.
Lift, handle, get in.

Mystery van dent
questions left on roadside, still
shouts grazing echo.

Backpack’d jogger, bounce
to bus stop or from bobby?
Frown tumbling content.

Purchase medicine.
Pharmacy or casino?
People make choices.

Pub window blockade;
community depletion
ready for close-up.

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