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Tommy K on the Side: Carrington’s Fish Bar

18 May 18 words: Tommy K

Our condiment connoisseur is bringing the sauce to you...

Saucy salutations! This is Tommy K, your ketchup correspondent. Our culinary quest begins in a proper Notts chippy. Just a minute from the station, visitors are greeted with a warm welcome and the heavenly smell of frying chips. I order mine open, with just a little salt and vinegar: the artist’s blank canvas.

Braving the anonymous pinky-red sauce bottle, I squirt a generous dose of the “house red”. Unmarked bottles can conceal some acidic atrocities, but this one ain’t bad at all. A rounded, plummy fruit taste offsets the sharpness nicely. For the adventurous, pairing this up with some curry sauce or even a cheeky pineapple fritter (I had both), recreates a world cuisine experience for less than a pint.

And for you sauce snobs, there are 20p Heinz pods to take away. But is the extra expense and plastic packaging worth it here? Maybe you fear a saucy saturation in transit, maybe you fear the unknown of unbranded sauce, or maybe you’re just a bad person. Whatever your reasons, Tommy K can assure you that at Carrington’s, there’s no need for Heinz. The food, the staff and the ketchup are all bleddy lovely.

Yours, with condiments,

Tommy K

Carrington’s Fish Bar, Carrington Street, Nottingham. 0115 958 1881


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