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Ayup Duck: The Latest Nottingham News

5 November 18 words: Ayup Duck
Our feathered friend has gorra thing or two to say about Guzzgog...

Last month, LeftLion and Castle Rock Brewery put their bonces together to mek a sour beer, and launched it at this year’s Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival. The tasty bogger is infused with gooseberries so, naturalleh, they gennit the Nottsest name they could thunk on. Don’t worry if you missed the beer fest, cos the bev will be available in select pubs over the next month. It’s a limited run though, mind, so mek sure you get quaffin’ before it all runs out.

Guzzgog is all part of LeftLion’s fifteenth-bothday celebrations. This year, I’ve munched a LeftLion burger at Annie’s Burger Shack, a load of special LL Doughnotts, and downed a LeftLimon cocktail at Boilermaker. Now, am about to get me tabs laughin’ with the ultimate brew. Don’t be shy. Loosen yer belt buckle, say balls to that pint of Bobbingtons, and get yersen a proper drink.

To raise money for Nottinghamshire Hospice, them big robin statues that were all over Notts got gathered up and sold off last month, and now some of ‘em are gonna end up back around the city again. All this poppin’ up and buggering off keeps making me think I’m trippin’ or summat. Either way, I’ve gorra lay off the ‘shrooms.

Bruce Wayne’s gonna be claimin’ Uno Creddo soon, cos The Joker’s been banged up. Local bloke Damien Hammond became notorious for dressing up as the clown-prince of crime and terrorising shop staff, coppers, and the genny p. Poor sods. Why so serious? He’s had 22 weeks in the nicker and a ban from the city centre for three years. Fella’s clearly got some issues. Hope he’s alright.

He put many-a hop in many-a step of the city’s pub goers for gone thirty years, and last month Gordy Pollitt from Wholesome Fish passed away peacefully. As stalwarts of Nottingham’s music scene since the eighties, the band have made magic happen. Let’s all raise us glasses and guitars over some Balkan punk, and remember a Nottingham legend.

The Council announced a potench Public Spaces Protection Order, and the buskers kicked right off, reckoning it would mean too many restrictions on their right to bang out a tune in the streets. They started a 670-person-strong petition to tek to the consultation about the new ruling, and now we’re waiting to see what’ll happen. All I know is them guitar tinklers right brighten up me day.

Bit too late for Halloween naa, but the CCTV at Pryzm have s’posedly been pickin’ up ghostly goings on in the nightclub. Not the worst thing to be seen in Pryzm, but mind you, I could believe there’s some ghosts knocking about in there. I’ve seen some right bleddy ghouls.

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