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Kagoule Talk New Album Strange Entertainment

15 November 18 interview: Jacqueline Nutty

Kagoule released a new album, so we asked what’s up…

What’s influenced Strange Entertainment?
We wanted to make an album that doesn't have a direct comparison in guitar music, forcefully combining all the influences from outside of “rock” music we share and forming a big, wonky thirty-minute mess.

How did the making of it compare to your first album?
Our first album was never intended to be an LP. The songs were written over many years of our teenage lives and it just happened that they were packaged together. This record is the first “album” we've written knowing its final form. We had to consider the ten tracks as a whole, how they work with each other and the overall picture they paint.

Tell us about the new artwork and how it relates to the music…
Lawrence has always done our artwork. I guess it's grown alongside the music since the start so shares all the same themes and feelings. It really does represent the sound of Kagoule. He knows the songs better than anyone really so whenever we need anything doing he knows exactly what to do with it.

How’s the new material been going down at gigs? Any personal favourite tracks?
Very well! A personal favourite of mine is Egg Hunt. It's a strange track and we have been opening with it this tour. It doesn't really ease you into the set, it kind of jumps at you startles you into paying attention. It's such a nice feeling being able to play the new tracks now the album is out, they go down much better when people know the song. 

You toured in Europe at the beginning of the year…
It was a pretty wild ride to be honest. There were so many crazy moments; especially playing in the mountains of Segovia in Spain! 

Where do you like to hang out in Notts?
A few favourites are The Bodega, King Billy, and 31k. But mainly at home.

Anyone you’d like to collaborate with at the moment?
Kayne West? 

You’re playing a DJ set at Rough Trade for their birthday party on Saturday 24 November. What’s in the record bag?
Consistent explosive bangers of enormous magnitude.

Any future plans, or other stuff you’d like to add?
More shows in UK and EU next year and work will begin on record three!

Strange Entertainment is out now

Catch Kagoule at Rough Trade’s fourth birthday on Saturday 24 November

Kagoule on Facebook

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