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5 Albums to Listen to This November

7 November 18 words: LeftLion

All the good stuff for your tabs from some cracking Notts musicians...

Nina Smith
White Feather

Nina Smith’s debut album starts with Fuel, which provides the opening sentiment for the album: “These negative experiences will always be negative if we don’t turn them into something powerful.” Despite its slick production and r’n’b groovability – listen to Love Me Again for echoes of Justin Timberlake – the power of Nina's lyrics and the fragility of her voice shine through to create something that’s both catchy and deeply personal. There isn’t an inch of fat on this album; every song is concise, and each moment is as necessary and important to the artist as the next, with fear being the emotion that binds everything together. Under the light, fresh tone of the instrumentals, this is an incredibly vulnerable record, and nowhere is this more apparent than on tracks Time and Live Forever; the latter containing a touching voice recording of Nina’s late father. White Feather delivers on its opening thought and becomes something that’s resolutely powerful and moving. If you’ve been waiting for Nina’s album, just know that it’s been worth it. Dan Lyons

Callum Martin-Moore
Callum Martin-Moore has blended a collection of his own samples with soothing synth sounds to bring you the perfectly lazy, Sunday-morning soundtrack. The samples comprise of a range of vocals, including Callum’s own voice, as well as recordings of nature and everyday living. There’s something wonderfully simple and calming about listening to the sounds of birds chirping as they ease you in and out of easy-listening tracks Y3P and Isafjörður. Callum recorded the majority of the tracks in his bedroom and hijacked an “undisclosed rehearsal room” to record drums. Sneaky. Sit back and tune out of the world, and into this peaceful, ten-track masterpiece with each tune sending you off into a soul-warming, dreamy daze.Alexandra Chrysotomou

Dave Mooney & Nancy
The Melancholy Chimes of Mr Yummy
Dave Mooney is a hairy chap with a banjolele and Nancy is his bopping, green-haired puppet. This odd album will either delight or annoy the pants off you. The eighteen eclectic tracks are a magic-carpet ride of different genres, accompanied by Dave’s crisp, quirky vocals. Jangly guitar instrumentals like Grigolet make me yearn to whittle spoons, while traditional billion-versed folk songs like The Lion and the Unicorn stick it to the Tories. Other bonkers highlights include great double bass work in The Ballad of Guy Warwick and the Dun Cow, psychedelic tomfoolery in False Florimel, and Mighty Boosh-esque crimping in Family Man Tro. It’s overly nostalgic at times, but its creative silliness is charming. Natalie Mills

Don’t Forget Rupert
Full Circle
These guys deliver Nottingham indie-rock at its best with their feel-good vibe and powerfully captivating depth. The vocals will take you on quite the journey; with gravelly undertones, an incredibly powerful voice and heartfelt lively lyrics, Don’t Forget Rupert are onto a winner here. Every song on the album presents incredible variation in tempo and pace, rising and falling in seamless transitions, creating a musical composition that could only be described as a masterpiece to these tabs. A particularly catchy song is Get F*cked; once this one’s in your head, you’ll have trouble getting it out. Just keep an eye on where you might find yourself singing it. Rachael Halaburda

Aye Nizzy
Summer of ‘94
Here, Nottingham singer and rapper Aye Nizzy showcases his signature bars good and proper. Nizzy burst onto the scene in 2015 with Freedom Style of Speech for SBTV, and released several tracks with the same grime rooting to high praise. This new EP demonstrates his ability to move through different genres while maturing with the times. Tracks like Oh La La show off Nizzy’s talent as a singer, whereas My Baby is in the same vein as a club anthem. His video for Good For Me was released earlier this year and received a shoutout on DJ Target’s 1Xtra show, and with five more big tunes on the Summer of ‘94 EP, we predict great things for Nizzy. Alexandra Chrysotomou

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