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The Comedy of Errors

City Stylin' #7

2 November 18 interview: Anna Murphy
photos: Georgianna Scurfield

We took to the streets to find some of Notts' best dressed...

“I have a millennial approach to dressing; if you break it down, my look is an extension of my personality. As a man, I’m masculine, but I also have very feminine features and mannerisms. I think what I wear channels that... I guess I powerdress in a gender-fluid way.

Saying that, I’m not fixed when it comes to fashion; I just dive headfirst into wearing what I love. I’m usually late for everything, so I always plan my outfits in advance. Today, I’ve taken a men’s grey checked suit and added a women’s black corset, black knee-high boots and gloves to elevate the look.

My day job is in the NHS. Luckily, I work in an office so I can style the uniform up; I always try to add some accessories, like a scarf or some fabulous jewellery. Dressing is an art, after all.”

Stefan, Blogger at

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