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Celebrate Tree Charter Day This November

24 November 18 words: LeftLion

Tree Charter Day is Saturday 24 November. Sign the Tree Charter to show your support for a world that we can breathe happily in...

Back in 1217, Henry III signed the Charter of the Forest to ensure the people’s rights to the Royal Forests were protected. 800 years later, on Friday 6 November 2017, the modern-day Tree Charter was launched at Lincoln Castle to counter a lack of legal protection and low planting rates, in the face of increasing destruction to our natural habitats. Based on the plant-based stories and memories of over 60,000 people in the UK, the Charter sets out the principles for a society in which humans and trees can stand together:

  • Sustain landscapes rich in wildlife
  • Plant for the future
  • Celebrate the power of trees to inspire
  • Recover health, hope and wellbeing with the help of trees
  • Grow forests of opportunity and innovation
  • Combat the threats to our habitats
  • Make trees accessible to all
  • Strengthen our landscapes with trees
  • Plan greener local landscapes
  • Protect irreplaceable trees and woods

Tree Charter UK website