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Citrus Short Film Kickstarter Campaign

11 October 18 words: Ashley Carter

Tristan Ofield and Adrian Reynolds, the team behind White Lilly, are looking for support for their latest short film project, Citrus…

The last time director Tristan Ofield and writer Adrian Reynolds teamed up for a sci-fi short, they racked up almost 400,000 YouTube views, screened in 15 festivals and won six awards. White Lily, which raised over £4,000 via Kickstarter and was shot in Nottingham, featured as part of Mayhem Film Festival's Shorts programme, and even screened at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood as part of the prestigious HollyShorts Film Festival in 2017.  They've teamed up again with a new sci-fi short film Citrus, and are offering people the opportunity to back them via Kickstarter. 

Citrus will tell the story of a passionate journalist who meets an edgy scientist with an invention he hopes can change the world. He feels he needs permission to do something so drastic, but she believes her role is to tell the news, and not make it. Since he found a swastika on his sister’s grave, Mikel wanted to live in a world that couldn't happen, and she'd be alive. And maybe he can do that, without anyone even knowing, thanks to the device he's invented...

Despite being less than a week into the campaign, Citrus has already raced past it's initial £1000 target.  Writer Adrian Reynolds, a regular LeftLion contributor, said "the response to the new Kickstarter is humbling. Making White Lily was a delight and the way audiences have reacted to Tristan's talent as a filmmaker explains why they're willing to support Citrus, a very different story that's also a taster for something bigger."

Backers can get their hands on a selection of different perks in return for their investment, including a signed poster, digital download of the finished film and even an opportunity to appear in the film as an extra. "The sci-fi genre has such a varied and loyal fan base, and the response we got from our previous film was incredible," said director Ofield, "we hit our initial target within 48 hours, which I didn’t expect at all. We have gone from “maybe making a film” to “definitely making a film” in an extremely short space of time, and now we want to be able to make the absolute best film possible. I'm so excited to be working with Adrian on a sci-fi film again, almost five years after we made White Lily."

To find out more information and become a backer, visit the Citrus Kickstarter page

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