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City Stylin' #6

1 October 18 interview: Emily Thursfield
photos: Georgianna Scurfield

We spoke to a couple of Notts' best dressed...

“When I get dressed in the morning, I think about feeling good. I usually buy my clothes from charity shops; I bought this skirt in West Bridgford for three quid. It’s easy to get some really good stuff.

I keep myself busy: I’m a musician, I paint, I write poems, I write songs, I’m a mother and I busk around Nottingham and other local cities playing my own original songs. You need to just keep pushing. No-one just ‘arrives’. You’ve got to work at what you want.”

Marita Metelia, Musician

“My clothes represent my moods. Today, you can tell I’m feeling good, so I was like ‘Let’s put funky clothes on.’ I don’t tend to go shopping; usually people give me stuff. Often I’ll go round to my friends’ houses and try something on. They’ll often say ‘If you want it, you can take it.’ So loads of my clothes are basically free.

I used to dye my hair a lot but now I’m just staying with green. It’s a calming colour. I used to change my hair every month; it’s been red, green, blue, pink, purple. But I like green, it’s my colour. When I feel that something looks right on me, that’s when I’m going to wear it. That’s my secret.”  

Natalia Ciotka, Vegan Chef

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