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Notts to Host European Roller Derby Tournament

12 October 18 words: Cath Appleby

Nottingham Hellfire Harlots are gearing up to host what promises to be a spectacular weekend of WFTDA European roller derby action! The 2018 Track Attack tournament will see teams from Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands face off against our very own Nottingham Hellfire Harlots A team.



The Harlots A team last played Crime City Rollers way back in 2013, with a decisive victory for the Swedish team. Now the Harlots are to face their B team. Considering the success of Crime City’s A team reaching the WFTDA Playoffs Final in New Orleans this year, they will be under no illusions of how fierce their B team will be. It will prove to be an exciting match!



Amsterdam Roller Derby are friendly and familiar rivals to the Hellfire Harlots. After a win against them at the ‘West Track Story’ Tournament in Nantes, France, earlier this year 216-159, and a 135-170 loss at the ‘Slip It’ Tournament in Caen, France, in 2017, it could be anyone's game, and is always an exciting match to watch.



Last, but not least, the Hellfire Harlots A team take on the recently rebranded Antwerp Roller Derby. Also a familiar rival, Antwerp will be looking for a win after the Hellfire Harlots clinched 211-191 victory at the West Track Story. The teams later went head to head at the Brabo Cup in 2017, where the tables were turned and the hosts, Antwerp took 224 point victory to Harlots 120. Who will win this time? Come along to find out.


Jo Scott, A team captain commented: “The team has been working really hard this year. Since winning the West Track Story tournament in France in April we have been working towards our home tournament, both on and off the track. We are hoping for some good results against some fierce competition, and are aiming to break into the top 100 in the world rankings. It will be a really fun tournament, going up against teams that we have played previously with close scores, but also a new opponent for us with the Crime City B team”.

There will also be a chance to see Nottingham Hellfire Harlots’ B team in an exhibition game against the Leicester Dolly Rockit Rollers A/B team on Sunday.

The tournament will take place on 20th-21st October, at Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Nottingham. Tickets for the event can be found here.

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