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Jam & Chutney Session with Just Grow Project

4 October 18 words: Alex Kuster

Last Tuesday, Windmill Community Gardens hosted a jam and chutney making workshop and gee whiz it was a real treat! 

I was invited to an event on Facebook titled 'Jam & Chutney Making Workshop' and soon after ridiculed by a few comrade millennials for delightfully clicking attend. In this day and age, who makes things when Tesco has 1042983 types of preserves on spread (pun intended). 

My Tuesday afternoon was surprisingly clear, and being a connoisseur of learning new things, a friend and myself cycled in the last of the summer sun off to Windmill Community Gardens without the foggiest of what to expect...

We arrived to a small group of women, chatting about recipes over tea and chopping veg in the sunlight. They were so welcoming and quickly got us involved in getting the ingredients sorted for the afternoon's events.


We made green-tomato and apple chutney, Ajika salsa and Merryweather damson jam. We took a little break in the middle and all helped  to make and eat a delicious lunch of refried beans, fresh tomato salsa and quesadillas, along with a taste of the Ajika salsa.

I think it's hard to lose touch with using seasonal, fresh produce and doing things by hand instead of cutting corners. As a busy young person, I know that it's common to grab a meal deal and get on with it.

But alongside teaching a new skill and learning the art of jam-making. I also really enjoyed spending time with people much older and more wise than myself! 

Proud ladies with the fruits of their labour

Projects like this one are always popping off across Notts, and this entire day was free. Mad!

We're so lucky to have such a wonderfully close-knit community of people on our doorstep here in Notts. This city never ceases to amaze and surprise me!

Recipes for the preserves we made can be found on the Windmill Community Garden's blog here.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page and website to see upcoming events. There is a pumpkin carving workshop on October 28th which will be a good one to attend. Thanks again to all the ladies for such a wonderful day in the sunshine.

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