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5 Things to do on your Lunch Break in Nottingham

11 October 18 words: Isaac Seelochan

On your lunch break with nothing to do? Think again, friend. Nottingham has got loads of activities to kill the hour before you have to get back to work…

Nottingham Contemporary
There’s always some great artwork on display, and you can get round the exhibitions quickly, so you don’t need to panic about making it back to work on time. While the art will most likely appeal to most people’s tastes, there are plenty of different exhibitions going on at the gallery throughout the year. It’s free too, so pop down after a quick bite to eat.

There are few shops quite like Hopkinson. Where else can you buy retro furniture and have a Mad Hatter's tea party? There are over sixty stalls of vintage clothing, as well as weird and wonderful antiques, on several different floors for you to explore. You could also have your lunch at the nostalgic tuck shop.

The Arboretum
It’s Notts’ oldest park and right close to the City Centre. The Arboretum is a quiet and spacious place, and great for a lunchtime stroll with all its nature trails. Take a picnic, and bathe in the greenereh.

City of Caves
Many of Notts’ underground caves are open to the public, and you can take part in a tour down at Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. The City of Caves tours are a convenient way to spend your lunch hour, with the tours not much longer than 45 minutes. It’s worth a visit for less than a tenner.

Bromley House Library
Having been open for yonks, Bromley House has over 40,000 books all of which can be read in the library’s dedicated reading rooms. Unless you're a member, you need to contact them before you have a look around, but it’s a great attraction in the city centre, and not a bad place to relax during your lunch hour either. They've even got a garden out back.

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