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Lost City

5 Sober Group Activities in Nottingham

25 October 18 words: Ruby Speed

Whether you’re trying to save money, or you’re sick of waking up to a cold pizza slice stuck to your cheek and you’re just looking for summat to do that doesn’t involve goin aht in tahn, this is the list for you...

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, but laser tag ain’t just for kids. Quasar has Nott’s biggest indoor laser tag arena - 5,000 square foot over three floors. You might start off a bit bashful that you’ve roped your mates into this one at first, but once the lasers are prepped and your teams on the come up against ya rivals, you’ll wonder when you got so bleddy into it. They even do special work night out parties and student offers for you hard workin’ university types.

Go Ape
If you’re after some outdoorsy heart-pumpin’ action and you’re not scared of heights, Sherwood Pines hosts this adrenaline-fuelled activity. Go Ape will have you traipsing around the treetops like that Tarzan fella, and they’ve just added a new netted play area for summer 2018. There’s nowt like watching your grown mates struggling to climb over stuff – it's like PE all over again.

Agent: You. Location: An industrial warehouse at the back of Vic Centre. Mission: Stop WW3 and save the world. The activity at Si5 Spy Missions Nottingham is part escape room, part obstacle course, part crawling on your tum pretending to be 007. Sounds daft, but it’s well fun to do as a group of grownups, we swear. The storyline is about the rogue spy who could possibly start WW3 - it’s hilariously over-complicated, but the bit where you get to dodge lasers was undeniably cool.

Pie Mission
Hungry for some cryptic riddles, teamwork problem solving under pressure and a pie? At Pieminister you can have all of it for 25 quid. There are now two themed escape rooms to choose from – The Demon Barber or Germageddon. And, when you’ve hopefulleh escaped, you can calm yer nerves and argue over whose fault it was that you wasted all that time, with some comforting award-winning pies. Germageddon it.

Planet Bounce 
When it first opened Planet Bounce was wall to wall trampolines, it was a proper good laugh - especially the dodgeball pitch made of trampolines - but also undeniably dangerous. After a recent revamp and safety update the place is now decked out in inflatables; think of a bouncy castle assault course. You can still run around like a nutter bouncing off the walls and floors, without the worry of breakin’ an arm or a leg.

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