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The Thompson Brothers on Bonfire Night, Freddy Mercury and Quinces

30 October 18 words: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

National Quince Week
It’s National Quince Week in our shop. For those that don’t know, they’re like a really hard pear. We’ve got lots of them in stock to celebrate and we’ve put balloons up too. We went to a friend’s house for dinner and he made a delicious baked quince dessert, with pistachio nuts and crème fresh.

2,400-year-old boat found in the sea
Whatever they do with it, we hope they don’t make the same mistake as they did with the Marie Rose and try to get it out the water. They should just keep it there and stick a buoy on the top saying “It’s down here.”  

Bonfire Night
We’re not overly keen on fireworks, but we might go down to the Forest Rec this year. They always put on a good display. We didn’t go to Goose Fair this year, so it might be nice to treat ourselves to a ride while we’re there.

Freddy Mercury film
We went to see Queen live in Birmingham, you know. It was the original lineup and they were on The Works tour.  They were completely fantastic, but we won’t go and see this. The cinema is so boring, all the films are too long. The only thing we’d go to see nowadays is a Bond film. Or a Carry On film, but they’re not doing them anymore.

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