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Confetti - Do It For Real

The Thompson Brothers on Goose Fair

3 October 18 interview: LeftLion

Notts' most opinionated grocers on...

Goose Fair
It’s always exciting to see the Goose go up isn’t it? He looks a little bit different this year though, is his mouth open now? When we were young the rides like the Magic Carpet and the Baskets seemed exciting and a bit scary. Nowadays they’re all totally mental. We wouldn’t go on any of them. You’ve got to have some mushy peas though. We heard they ran out last year.

Nottingham Beer Festival
It’s not at the Castle anymore is it? It’s at the Arena. That will be alright, it could even be better as there’s more space. We might have to pop along. We remember when it was at Sneinton Leisure Centre. It was only a quid or two in those days and the drinks were all like treacle. Yeah, we might go along.

We’ll be selling pumpkins in the shop. We’re not sure for how much yet though, we’ll have to see what we can get them in at. On a personal level we’ll probably both just hide. It’s not really our kind of thing, it’s all a bit American. The only time we’ve ever dressed up like that was when we went to the Rocky Horror Show. We even wore stockings and suspenders. How women wear those all the time is beyond us, they’re so uncomfortable.


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