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The Wigflex Cave Rave was Sick

15 October 18 words: Eileen Pegg

Whether sneaking underneath damp, dark tunnels, edging into abandoned warehouses or taking over an artist’s studio, the world of electronic music has an obsession with partying in places it’s just not meant to. Let’s face it, being naughty is fun and getting ready to rave in an obscure place adds a whole new dimension to a Friday night out...

Here in Nottingham, some might argue we’re lacking in decent clubbing spaces, though a series of recent autumn openings might prove otherwise. However, we do have caves in abundance, for those who know where to find them. There's something compelling about getting down underground and naturally, long-running techno titans Wigflex discovered another hidden dancing den for us to enjoy earlier this month.

Though often based at Brickworks, Wigflex aren’t shy to stray further afield when the feeling takes them, bringing a selection of specially curated nights to the city. Collaborating with visual artist Matt Woodham, they’ve had us dancing everywhere from Sneinton’s One Thoresbury Street, to Nottingham Contemporary, and late-night basement bars, transforming every space into an assault of the senses that we’re all too pleased to endure.

Almost everything about the cave rave was kept under wraps until the day of the event, from the location to those on the lineup. But the pull of having somewhere else to party, ran by head honcho Lukas’ very capable hands, was enough to ensure the night sold out fast and excitement levels were high for the next ad-hoc Wigflex gathering.

With the instantly recognisable “W” lightbox placed proudly at the entrance, the cave in question was based above ground but wasn’t short of corners to duck and dive around to the leftfield tunes that echoed throughout. Glowing orbs placed on the walls provided soft light in a whole spectrum of colours, creeping through the smoky atmosphere and turning it into a warped aladdin’s cave of delights to get lost in.

Working perfectly in the environment, there was a beautifully organic feel to the evening. Wigflex friends and family – Des Hagenasty, Dan Jordan and Where Wax head, Dec Shutts – provided the sonic backdrop, covering a multitude of styles including down-tempo, synth-heavy chuggers, crisp techno cuts and mind-bending beats and breaks. Defining the sound is impossible, with the unusual setting providing a welcome backdrop to play and experiment to a very willing crowd. 

There’s no doubt that every sweaty soul leaving the event ventured bravely home with a beam on their face, thanks to the winning combination of friendly faces, stellar musical selection and quality, and the chance to explore somewhere new.

Though unlike any other event from the party, the cave rave was undoubtedly living and breathing the brand; nights like this remind us why Wigflex has stood the test of time and will be celebrating its twelfth birthday at the end of the month.

Wigflex returns to the Brickworks on Friday 26 October for its much-anticipated Halloween gathering, featuring the filthiest of characters, both on the floor and behind the booth. Join the party here.

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