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10 Cool Bars in Nottingham to Try

13 September 18 words: Rachael Halaburda

When it comes to bars, Notts is packed full of ‘em, so we’ve boiled down a list of proper good places with great drinks for you lot to try…

Be At One Bar
With over 90 different cocktails to try, you’ve got one hell of a night ahead! Perhaps spread it out over two trips to be on the safe side, ay? They’ve all got cracking names, too: you could try the ‘Absolute Gangster’ if you’re feeling old school or if you want to be right fancy why not try the ‘Chica Caliente’… it’s fruity and sweet with a little kick – look at that, it basically comes with a pick up line?

Pepper Rocks
Let’s put it like this: £4.50 cocktails every night until 10pm. What’s not to like? This secret hide away will help you escape the busy city centre to this cosy, retro retreat. With comfy sofas and a cute outside balcony, Pepper Rocks is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere a little bit different. Possibly the ideal place to take a date if you’re looking to impress.

If you’ve wandered down Carlton Street and managed to find a Boilermaker shop with some pretty odd opening hours, it’s more than likely that you’re in the right place. It’s possibly the most well disguised bar Notts has to offer; so if you fancy yourself a bit of a Sherlock, grab your magnifying glass because there’s some great liquor that needs finding and it’s got your name on it.

The Hockley Arts Club
One of the poshest bars Notts has to offer, if you come here you’re in for a fancy night. I mean these guys sell a drink called, ‘Whiskey by The Fire’; described to be a “A seductive rich sipper”. If that’s not royalty in a drink I don’t know what is. If the Queen is ever in town you know where to recommend. Not to forget this bars’ beautifully stylish décor, it doesn’t get much classier than this.

Six Barrel Drafthouse
Right in the centre of Nottingham’s creative quarter, if you’re looking for a cheeky craft beer or a proper pint you’ve found the right place. Head over on a Tuesday (“Tunesday”) for a cracking open mic night and if you need some encouragement, there’s a free drink for all performers. Come on Notts, who could say no to that?

Bringing you cocktails and wings, Bunk has an exciting range of house cocktails at £6 a pop.  Throw in a few flavoursome chicken wings and you’re in for a good ‘un. Inside you’ll find a funky décor with plenty of aesthetically pleasing neon lights. If you’re looking for a place to get that artsy insta pic, make sure to head on down.

Cookie Shake

If you’ve got a sweet tooth this is the place for you. Selling milkshakes by day and shots by night, Cookie Shake is the place for a fun night out. I mean where else can you drink the closest thing to an alcoholic Kinder Bueno or Jaffa Cake? Not forgetting to mention this place has games, proper good tunes and dead comfy seats.

The Bodega
Let’s start off with the fact there’s a load of drinks available every day from 4pm - 9pm, wait for it… starting at two quid. I can promise you that the time will fly by, with DJ’s almost every night of the week, this the place to come to chill out and forget about whatever’s been buggin’ ya. It gets even better; if you head outside you’ll find the cosy beer garden with hanging fairy lights - insta pic number two I think.

The Alchemist
Set in one of King Street’s most beautiful buildings, this is the closest most us will be getting to a real life chemistry lab. These drinks bubble, smoke and change colour - you name it, they can do it! They've even released an augmented reality app to enhance your drinking experience; called the Conjurer, the app adds a touch of the theatrical to your trip. We can’t promise you it’ll be two quid a go, but we can promise it’ll be like nowhere you’ve been before. Go on get your goggles on and take a trip down memory lane to GCSE Chemistry, only this time it’s alcoholic and you won’t get in trouble for drinking it.

Rescue Rooms
If you fancy a good ol’ boogie and teapot full of alcohol, get yourself to Rescue Rooms. The playlist in this place tastes almost as good as the drinks; from old school classics to the latest hits, whoever you are this is a guaranteed to be a good night out. Here you’ll find big sofas, a packed-out dance floor at the weekends and bunch of happy customers.

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