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Art Works: Richard Chung's Film Photography

25 September 18 words: LeftLion

Richard Chung tells us all abaht how he shoots film photography...

Rachel Riley

Image: Tom Quigley


When I first started skating over twenty years ago, the only way to keep up with what was going on was to read magazines or buy VHS skate videos imported from the US. That’s where my passion for photography originated. I’d buy magazines religiously and study the photographs intensely, looking at the tricks, the clothing, the spot, how the photograph was composed, and the lighting.

I only shoot film photography. Tangibility is important to me; especially in this digital age, when millions of images are uploaded to the internet every day. Buying and loading film, shooting photos without instantly knowing the outcome, getting the film processed and printing in a darkroom is a wholly more rewarding creative process, and adds to the image’s character.

I used to mainly shoot skateboarding and my friends, but now there’s more variety. I set projects for myself so it’s less aimless; ideas come organically after looking at my photos and seeing recurring themes.

This image is called Rachel Riley, and is a scanned darkroom print of a medium format 6x6 colour photograph. It was taken outside the amazing New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, and features a gallery local by the name of Imran. It was part of a proposal for a photography exhibit of the people who frequent NAE: artists, creatives, art lovers, café goers, employees and the Hyson Green crazies!

This image makes me smile whenever I look at it. Imran is loud but friendly, always smiling, and always happy to chat. He will ask you about letters you’re not sure you’ve sent, surgeons at Holby City, Rachel Riley and the whereabouts of Midget.

I currently have an ongoing exhibit of various live music performances around Nottingham which are up at Rough Trade. The photos change every few weeks, so keep checking in. 

Check out more of Richard Chung's work on his website

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