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The Comedy of Errors

Ayup Duck: The Latest Nottingham News

3 September 18 words: Ayup Duck
illustrations: Rikki Marr

What's been gooin' off?

Producer, sound engineer, DJ, father, partner and local legend Lee White, of The Elementz Studios, has been diagnosed with stage three classical Hodgkin lymphoma, and needs an integrative treatment plan of chemotherapy with immunotherapy drugs. Lee’s been donning the Nottingham music scene for years, has helped loads of local heads put out some bloody top noises, and is one proper gent. Let’s pull together to get him sorted, and quick.

Lee’s partner Nadia Higgins has put together a GoFundMe campaign to raise £148,600, to cover self-employed Lee’s finances and the £140k price-tag of revolutionary treatment over in Germany, which will give him an 85% chance of survival past the five-year rate with a low likelihood of recurrence. The amount might seem like a lot, but the campaign managed to raise over forty grand in about a week. It’s well doable, so let’s get cracking, ducks.

With Lee We Fight Fundraiser on GoFundMe

The coppers shut the A6006 for two bleddy days after that massive fire in Sutton Bonno. The smoke was so bad that the poor boggers nearby had to shut their windders and some were even evacuated. Apparently it was an industrial estate what caught. Made everyone in Clifton think the apocalypse were kicking right off.

Me eyes near popped out me bonce when I saw the signs for a new Maccy D-evelopment at Vic Centre. We’ve already got loads; all about ten metres down the chuffin’ road. We’re all gonner end up with nuggets for eyeballs at this rate. Bob off Ronald. You can tek yer chips, and shove ‘em up yer...

Last month, LeftLion’s owd Community Editor Penny Reeve boxed one jebclart in the ribs after the dotty bleeder grabbed her by the Talula while she was out dancing in town. Our Penny went ham and, after chatting to the Beeb, stirred up a right media storm. Well done Queen Reeve. It’s about time someone shut it down.

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