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City Stylin' #5

17 September 18 interview: Emily Thursfield
photos: Georgianna Scurfield

We took to the streets again to check out yer garms... 

“I feel like the way you dress sort of reflects how you feel emotionally on that day. I know some days I wake up and I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m gonna wear bright yellow trousers and my blue socks. I wanna be like a rainbow.’ Other days I’m like ‘Actually, I don’t wanna stand out today. I’m gonna dress all in black so I blend in.’

I love the feeling skateboarding gives me. I can’t do a kickflip yet, but I know the day that I land it, it’s gonna be the best feeling I’ve ever had. When you put so much effort in, and because it’s quite dangerous, it’s really fulfilling.

My life mantra? It’s not my own, but I got it from this woman on Instagram. Her life mantra is ‘Peace, love and nonsense.’ I quite like that.” 

Raegan Peck, Advocate for Universe





“With skater clothing, anything goes really. It’s just whatever you want to wear. I don’t think skaters really think ‘Oh, this will look cool skating.’ They just think ‘This is what I like.’

I’ve been skating for ten years. My dad used to skate years ago, so I had an old board. He used to take me skating when I was really young. He skated back in the eighties and stuff. Late eighties, I think.

To be fair, I’ve been really lucky. I’ve been to the two places that I really wanted to go to skate. There was Venice Beach in America. I f**king love it there. And Barcelona. They’re the two hotspots I think are pretty cool.”

Elliot Maynard, Retail Worker


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