Nottingham Gelato Emporium Dolcino Now Serve Amazing Crepes

19 September 18 words: Ash Dilks


The heatwave over the last couple of months has made it socially acceptable to get a gelato fix for breakfast. And the crew at Dolcino don’t mess about; using natural ingredients wherever possible, often imported from Italy, to create incredible flavour combos.

They’ve recently expanded into breakfasts and brunches, so we went over to check it out. I had La Creme de la Crepe (£7.95): smoked salmon, citrusy creme fraiche and mayo. It didn’t really need the mayo; I’d have preferred a double helping of citrus creme fraiche, but that’s just me. My mate went for Nick the Greek (£7.95) and I got a bit of food envy as the falafel were very good – baked not fried – with lashings of guacamole, fresh tomato, hummus and black olives with a crepe sitting underneath. Both crepes were seriously filling, and came served with a salad garnish.

The shakes are made to order from any of the thirty or so flavours available and, mixed with a little plain gelato and a splash of milk, they are seriously indulgent. My friends’ salted-peanut gelato shake (£3.50) tasted like a melted Snickers bar in ice-cream format, and came served in a jam jar with biodegradable straws. Respect.

With all that gelato staring at us, it would have been rude not to. It’s £2.40 for a small, £3.60 for a medium, and £4.80 for a large, and my lemon and elderflower sorbet was delicious, refreshing and not too sweet. My friend’s pistachio one tasted lovely with a slightly toasted, nutty flavour. We’ll definitely be back again.

LeftLion have asked a few local creative types to submit their ultimate gelato flavours, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for the poll, because Dolcino are going to create the winning idea.

7 Beastmarket Hill, NG1 6FB. 0115 924 1579

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