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Live Music Review: Her’s at Rough Trade Nottingham

5 September 18 words: Becky Timmins

We got down to Rough Trade Nottingham to check out offbeat duo Her’s...

Her’s are a rare entity in more ways than one. Whether it’s their DIY set-up, offbeat on-stage exchanges or their raw charisma, this Liverpool-based dream pop duo are unlike anything I have seen or heard before. I was introduced to them a few months back by a friend, and have been hitting them hard on Spotify ever since. Cue Rough Trade Nottingham’s announcement that they would be stopping by for a late summer “live + signing” event this August, and pure joy ensued.

These live + signing events hosted by Rough Trade are a real gem for fans, the deal being that you buy the artist’s album and get to see the band play an intimate set for free.

Her’s, AKA Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, were in town for the release of their debut album, Invitation to Her’s; eleven tracks of innovative and spirited pop, crafted through diverse sources of inspiration from smiling cats to phone sex. It marks the follow-up to their 2017 EP Songs of Her’s, and certainly confirms the scope of their unique brand of eccentric dream-pop. Take Fitzpatrick’s imaginative host of characters and star-spangled guitar melodies, and Laading’s dulcet-yet-energetic basslines; add in synths that effervesce, and something seriously magical happens.

Clad in denim and corduroy on a grey Tuesday in August, the air was laced with a genuinely joyous buzz as Her’s took to the stage. Performing a spot-on combination of tracks new and old, it becomes clear very quickly when watching Her’s that Fitzpatrick and Laading get as much joy from playing as their captivated audience does from watching. Their stage presence was comedic and charming in equal measures, delivering their tunes interspersed with bouts of quirky chat. Their sound was tight, melodious and exciting; particular bangers included new singles Harvey and Low Beam, along with If You Know What’s Right, which induced some serious boogying from the audience. When they unveiled hit single What Once Was, the audience were rapturous, singing along loudly with the Liverpool duo.

We left the show feeling extraordinarily chipper for a Tuesday night. With their novel musicality, engaging showmanship and lyrics that are both witty and honest, you get the feeling that Her’s are onto something big.

Her’s played Rough Trade Nottingham on Tuesday 28 August 2018

Rough Trade website

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