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Overheard in Notts

20 September 18 words: Big Baby

Your lot have been makin' us chuckle...

"I just wanna fly!" – Skateboarder

“I feel like I've just been bathing in a volcano.”

“No, it's just frozen veg that was the problem but to be honest my lemonade wasn't all that good either.”

"To the man with his hand in the drain on the tram platform: please stop, we can see you on the cameras." – Tannoy lady

"You just said ‘Milked it’ and I'm wearing a f**king cow costume."

“For saying you’re fifteen, you’re thick as f**k.” – Mum to daughter

“The tax man has messaged me on Tinder again.”

"I like the first name Jack and middle name Daniel."

“Needing a wee doesn't make you look pretty."

"I blame them rich b******s, all living it up in their poisoned chalices."

"I couldn't be a Roman. I can't walk in a straight line."

Christian Evangelist: Jesus is the way!
Man walking past: Don't you work at Poundland?

"I'm wearing a dress and I look like a fanny."

"Seems like only yesterday that we were in pornography."

"If you're going to steal something, at least be discreet."

“That baby at Forest Rec is my nemesis."

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