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Sustainability Notts: How to Eat Without Damaging the Environment

5 September 18 words: Sarah Maloy

We’re starting to see some seasonal changes, with some of those leaves starting to look a bit crinkly and brown. And at this time of year, our minds turn to harvest. Getting thoughtful about our food is one of the biggest ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. Here are a few things we can do to be sustainable while eating in Notts...

Reduce your food waste

Right, we’ve all had something slimy, smelly and unidentifiable at the back of fridge at some point. Get yersen organised, plan your meals, make a shopping list and only buy what you need.

Bag yourself some free food

Get the Olio App. It connects people and businesses up to ensure excess food – that’s perfectly edible – is shared rather than thrown away. And, the last time we looked, they had some wicked doughnuts from Tough Mary’s Bakehouse, and loads of excess allotment veggies. Maybe you’ve got some surplus stuff to list too?

Visit a community kitchen or shop

Check out Super Kitchen; at load of venues all over Nottingham preparing cheap-as-chips meals using surplus food from the supermarkets. Plus, Sharing Sherwood hold their next community meal on Sunday 9 September, at 6pm.  You can also visit Foodprint Community Supermarket in Sneinton to buy affordable surplus food.

Buy packaging-free food

Reduce all unnecessary packaging on your food and household goods with a visit to Nottingham Zero Waste Collective’s plastic-free pop-up at Think in Cobden Chambers, from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 September. Take your own containers for pasta, rice, loose leaf tea, coffee, soap, toothbrushes, reusable produce bags, make-up pads, and the rest of it. All from The Zero Waste Maker.

Shop local

Local produce = less travel = less pollution. Try Nottingham Food Assembly at Primary in NG7, for 21 producers selling seasonal products from an average of 21 miles away.

Grow your own

Even in Autumn, there are things you can grow. Check out the Primary Gardens free drop-in workshops at Radford-Lenton Library every Wednesday at 11am for practical growing ideas.

Party on the Arb

Lastly, a must this month is to head to the ever-popular Nottingham Green Festival at the Arboretum on Sunday 16 September. In it’s 26th year, and you’ll find a positive cornucopia of sustainable living.

Go well, and see you next month.

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