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Tommy K on the Side: Endangered BBQ Sauce

13 September 18 words: Tommy K

Our saucy boi is bringing you the good stuff... 

Sauce Shop

Notts is all about collaboration. Torvill and Dean wouldn’t be half so famous if it were just “Dean” twirling round on his tod. And where would Robin Hood be without Maid Marian?! Banged up by the Sheriff, that’s where.

In true collaborative Notts spirit, Sauce Shop have teamed up with Neon Raptor Brewing to make Endangered BBQ Sauce. Alright, it’s not a true ketchup, but you lot are open minded when it comes to gettin’ saucy, right?

So what is this grandiose new goop? Sauce shop call it a “beer-bbq mash-up”. Neon Raptor’s Endangered beer is an American-style porter, matured with oak, bourbon and vanilla. This gives a warm, malty richness to complement the tomato and garlic tang, and the smoky flavour is deeper than the Trent. With no artificial thickeners, it’s a bit thinner than some sauces, but that just makes it more spreadable on yer chip cob.

Endangered BBQ combines the best bits of a big Notts night out: from that first sober sip of local beer, through to the celebratory splat of chip shop sauce at 2am. And, what’s more, you can do it all on your lunch at work, without getting fired. Get involved before it becomes extinct!

Yours, with condiments,

Tommy K


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