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Nottingham Castle

Trailer Park Boys are Coming to Nottingham

8 September 18 interview: Raphael Achache

The reprobates of Canadian mockumentary series Trailer Park Boys are always up to summat dodgy. You’ll often catch ‘em trying to make some cash through get-rich schemes, and their latest foolproof plan is to go on a European tour and swindle money off ticket sales. They’ll be crashing Notts later this month, so we thought we better rahnd ‘em up for a chat...

You guys were among the first to pioneer the “mockumentary” style. Where did the inspiration come from for the format?
Ricky: They just showed up and started following us round with the cameras. I guess the crews wanted to shoot something like the show Cops, but flip it so it’s more from the criminals’ point of view. We thought you could learn a lot from the way we live. Our lives are pretty simple, we don't need a lot. And we're not afraid to tell people to go away!

They say never work with animals or children, but Trailer Park Boys regularly features them. Have you got any anecdotes or highlights?  
Ricky: Animals can be nightmares!
Bubbles: Animals are fine, Ricky!
Ricky: Alright, well children can be the nightmares then. I don't know. Something's the nightmare.
Bubbles: You're the nightmare! You are!

You guys enjoyed some musical success with Bubbles' hit Liquor and Whores. Is there any more music we can expect in your live show?
Bubbles: Yes! There is actually! I’m droppin' a new track, baby, and it’s called Who’s Got Yer Belly. Alex Lifeson from Rush is in it with me.  It's out. You Google it and it's on the YouTube.

Julian, if you could do a commercial for your favourite rum but you had to play a coconut, would you do it?
Julian: No. Definitely not. Well maybe if it was a lot of money.
Ricky: What if it was a muscular coconut?
Julian: Possibly a muscular coconut but... I don't know, there's no rum people coming at me.
Bubbles: Lady coconuts on set?
Julian: Yeah if there's lady coconuts, lots of free booze, give me at least four figures and I'm doing it. I'll be a muscular coconut for any rum companies out there.

Is there anything that you want to add, maybe tell us a bit about your live show that's coming?
Bubbles: It's going to be quite an evening with us. Lots of craziness and drinking and partying so make sure you're really drunk when you come to the show. 
Ricky: Yeah, we're going to get some people up on stage so hopefully they get a good buzz on when they come up.

Are you going to be selling hamburgers this time?  
Bubbles: No goddamn hamburgers!
Julian: Maybe. Bring your money.

Trailer Park Boys will be at the Royal Concert Hall on Monday 17 September, 7.30pm. Tickets are £28 - £55

Trailer Park Boys website


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