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Art Works: Christos Gkenoudis

8 April 19 photos: Louise Clutterbuck

His piece, titled Rodon, is a physical representation of his brainwaves...

I am a Greek artist with a multidisciplinary practice, focusing primarily on performance and video. After moving to England at the age of fifteen, and coming to study at Nottingham Trent University, I fell in love with the city and, after graduating, decided to call it my home. I mainly work with themes of tenderness in the body, and fluidity of identity.

This piece titled Rodon (rose), which was photographed by Louise Clutterbuck, represents where I am with my practice currently, documenting my start to strip my body of the obscure. I am learning to reveal my raw form, combining it with hyperreal elements to create my own unique fantasia. I display these pictures either in print or digitally as both mediums have different results and create different atmospheres in the space.

While I’m exploring the unreal transformations made on my body, I have delved into my roots, taking elements of oneiromancy and its interpretations in twentieth-century (and earlier) Greece.

Delving into where I came from has been uncomfortable, and this piece represents the beginning of a challenge for me to unravel the relation of my past to my present.

A project that I am most proud of is called Immersive Femme: an installation performance, where I merged all methods I use in my practice to portray a mode of fantasy to the spectator.

Nottingham is full of lively creatives and that’s one of the reasons it’s difficult to leave.

There are a lot of self-initiated projects by upcoming and established artists, with a lot of opportunities to get involved. Art spaces, businesses and people are open to create the most outrageous events and concepts including all creative modes. All that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

A lot of exciting things are happening this summer, so keep an eye on my social media and website as things are revealed.

Christos Gkenoudis website

Christos Gkenoudis instagram

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